Your Adirondack adventure begins here.


New York State's Adirondack Park covers more square miles than Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks combined. Nearly the size of Vermont, it includes mountains, lakes, rivers, bogs, fens, boreal forest typical of northern Canada, and one of the finest temperate deciduous woodlands in the world. The wildlife is diverse, the scenery grand, the atmosphere crisp, balsam-scented, and moody. The Adirondack Mountain region is like no other place on Earth.

Where and how to jump in? The possibilities for exploration and adventure are so numerous that you might wonder where to start. 

Ed Kanze, your licensed guide, is a seventh generation Adirondacker with decades of experience as a wilderness leader and interpretive naturalist. To your time with him on the trail, Ed brings a deep knowledge of the region's history and an expert's firsthand knowledge of its wild things. He knows the best places to go, what to look for, when and how to look, and how to get you there happily, safely, and home again. 

All nature photography by Ed Kanze

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The trouble with people today is they’re so busy coverin’ ground they ain’t got time to notice what’s on the ground they’re coverin.’
— Les Hathaway (1862-1952, Renowned Adirondack Guide)

A guide's job is to help you notice, to fully engage your interest in the extraordinary place you've come to visit.


Whether you seek a demanding hike or an easygoing, nature-filled ramble in beautiful woods, Ed will work with you to design an outing you'll long remember. 

Ed is a naturalist, author, and former National Park Ranger as well as an accomplished Adirondack Guide. Learn more about him here.