Videos produced with Josh Clement

For several years, Ed has worked with his friend and neighbor Josh Clement to produce videos about the Adirondack Mountains and the singular people and wildlife that inhabit their slopes and valleys.  

The heart of their work is the series Curiously Adirondack, produced for three seasons for Plattsburgh, New York-based Mountain Lake Public Television and now, in its fourth season, an independent production. Thirty episodes released to date celebrate the quirky, wonderful people of the Adirondack region and the wild, rugged, semi-civilized region in which they live, work, and play. 

Have seven minutes? Click here to watch a segment about the Adirondack Mountain village of Saranac Lake. For more than half a century, this town welcomed tuberculosis sufferers from around the world. They came to rest, breathe crisp mountain air, and, with a certain amount of luck, be cured. Or click here and join a moose-calling contest in the village of Indian Lake.

Josh and Ed are particularly proud of two comic pieces they've produced. One came before the launching of Curiously Adirondack and features the most loathsome creatures in the mountains, the blackflies. See Adirondack Terror: The Blackfly Menace

Adirondack Terror: The Blackfly Menace

The other takes a look at the giant beaver, a bear-sized rodent that scientists have pronounced extinct. But is it? See Golly, Wally: Giant Beavers Still Surviving In The Adirondacks?