Over The Mountain And Home Again: Journeys Of An Adirondack Naturalist (Nicholas Burns, 2006) collects pieces first published in Adirondack Life magazine, Adirondack Explorer magazine, and the author's newspaper column, "All Things Natural." It also includes "The Truth About Snow," a wry essay on the pros and cons of the white stuff, published here for the first time. In the collection is "In Search Of Something Lost," a paean to Adirondack passenger pigeons, which won the John Burroughs Award for Outstanding Nature Essay Of The Year.

"Ed Kanze has emerged as a fresh and joyful voice of the Adirondacks, with a merry eye, a sharp mind, and a deep heart," writes Bill McKibben, author of The End Of Nature. "Kanze's natural history is impeccable. His writing is crisp and unassuming... The exquisite fauna and flora of the Adirondacks are lucky to have such an eloquent and knowledgeable celebrant," writes Alex Shoumatoff, author of Legends Of The American Desert and contributing editor at Vanity Fair

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