Tune out. Tune in. Refresh.

In The Far East, the soothing, healing benefits of spending quiet time in nature are well known. Scientific research Affirms their value.  

The process---as simple as stepping into the woods---is known as "Forest Bathing."

You don't need a towel. All you need is a big heart and an open mind.

Adirondack guides know the quiet places, off the beaten track, where serenity abounds. As a naturalist, Ed can take you to spots where birds sing, the hustle and bustle of modern life are quickly forgotten, and time flows sweet and unhurried, like molasses. Forest Bathing---in its soothing essence a form of mindfulness meditation---will leave you feeling at one with the world or at least start you on the path. Studies suggest that time spent this way may lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and diminish levels of stress hormones. Click here to let Ed know you're eager to try Forest Bathing.

“One of the suggestions [a] group facilitator recommended today was ‘nature bathing’……..  what a surprise…… And her suggestion instantly brought to mind, along with such feelings of deep, deep gratitude……..the gifts you shared with me in our ‘forest/nature bathing’ outing together. Thank you……. once again……..THANK YOU…….. for sharing your deep love of and connection to nature with me. It is a gift that is definitely being enjoyed and  'shared forward’….” —Asheville, North Carolina