Notes From New Zealand: A Book Of Travel And Natural History (Henry Holt, 1992, 1993) brings together adventures from the first three of Ed's dozen New Zealand journeys. Focus is on his pursuit of with three iconic New Zealand animals: the world's most singular reptile, the tuatara, lizard-like but not a lizard, last survivor of an ancient lineage; the flightless birds, unique to New Zealand, known as kiwis; and rare native frogs that are tiny, superbly camouflaged, and difficult even for experts to find in the wild. Central to the narrative is Ed's evolving friendship with a retired New Zealand mariner named Peter Miller. 

"Kanze writes with humor, attention to biological detail, and a love for nature that is contagious."    ---The Virginian Pilot. "An insightful commentary on the congenial inhabitants, both human and animal, which first lured the author to this magnificent land."---Booklist

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