Blueberry time!

Every year's unique, and this one is a banner year for blueberries in our corner of the northern Adirondack Mountains. Lowbush blueberries, native shrubs in the heath family, produce fruit every year, but some years they serve it up almost by the truckload. At our place, this is such a year. So every chance we get (which with summer chores isn't half often enough), we lather on insect repellent, don sun hats, and head out into the blueberry patch. The goal is a freezer full of these delectable, antioxidant-rich fruits to be used the rest of the year cooked in our morning oatmeal and baked into pies. Aside from their tastiness and nutrition, blueberries on the bush are gorgeous to behold. Everywhere I go, I manage to find some to admire. And then I eat them.